Connector Business To Be Listed middle-aged, Hon Hais Accelerated Split

- May 04, 2015 -

Lu Songqing FIT CEO revealed that FIT next year in Taiwan stock market listing to raise funds to expand overseas markets. Hon Hai, which means divestment is gearing up.

Last June, GOU was first put forward at the general meeting of shareholders structure adjustment programmes, upgrading the original group to group and separate subsidiaries, for future use in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, the United States listed, quantities of up to 100 homes. However, GOU was reluctant to spin off this adjustment is called, he emphasizes is the core competitiveness of adjustment, essentially the hope group "aircraft carrier" to "air combat group" to carry out joint land, sea and air warfare.

According to Gou's planning, Hon Hai's organizational structure in the future will no longer be dominated by mergers and acquisitions to expand and will move towards integration of federal and Confederate, mature products, industries or enterprises, after separation, separation, separation, so that each group can grow up healthy, instead of under the influence of Hon Hai's low PE ratio. In each group, will be the birth of a CEO. Meanwhile, financial, patents section will still be controlled by the Group's parent company.

Since no reference model to follow and Hon Hai could only "stones". According to our reporter, Hon Hai's unbundling scheme piloted in prophase in two or three business groups, Hon Hai is also a major shareholder in the pilot phase, structural adjustment will not dilute shareholders ' rights.

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